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Code & Copy Companions – My Deskorations

Note: Deskorations = desk + decorations. Just accept it.

Squishy Unicorn. You’ve heard of rubber duck debugging? I do squishy unicorn debugging. Whenever I’m struggling to figure out the resolution to a coding problem, or the right way to phrase something when I’m writing, I talk it out with my trusty squishy unicorn. He’s about half as tall as my index finger and I bought him on Amazon for a dollar. I don’t know how I found just one, because it appears they all come in packs of 20 or so now, but he brings me great joy and was totally worth the spend.

Cheer Bear. I got Cheer Bear (the pink Care Bear with the rainbow tummy) for 75 cents from one of those vending machines like gumballs come in, where you insert quarters and turn the knob. It was in the front lobby of a Vietnamese restaurant in Philadelphia, and for some reason I just had to have one, but I only had one quarter. My two best friends at the time each also contributed a quarter. We vowed to share her, but I kept her, and she has lived on my desk at my office and at home ever since.

Ganesha Statue. Once upon a time I was digging through empty desks at my old office trying to find a pen that worked. We had a high turnover rate and rarely got new office supplies, so it was common practice that if you needed a highlighter or a stapler you’d loot abandoned desks to find what you needed. On one such mission I came across this little statue, and after asking around, determined it belonged to no one who was currently employed at my office. A coworker identified it as Ganesha, the Hindu god of removing obstacles (among other roles), and at the time in my life I felt I had quite a few obstacles. I did some research on Hinduism and Ganesha, and even though I myself am not a Hindu, I take comfort in what I learned and in having this statue nearby.

Stuffed Girippo. What, you may ask, is a girippo? Why, it’s a giraffe and hippopotamus hybrid, of which I have one. By virtue of a feat of clever sewing, this little stuffed fellow can be either a giraffe or a pink hippo. S/he (the hippo is a boy, but the giraffe, I feel, is a girl) was part of a Christmas gift from my dear friend Jetta, along with this next item.

Dr. Pepper Chapstick, Shaped Like a Dr. Pepper. First, you have to understand that I have been obsessed with Dr. Pepper chapstick since Johanna Rothermel let me use hers in fourth grade during time out from a game of dodgeball. I am never without one in my purse or my pocket or within arm’s reach. The only time I have ever felt like a hipster was when Dr. Pepper chapstick briefly became popular when the movie Juno came out, and I had to assure people it had been a staple on my lips since ’98.

A Miniature Typewriter. My grandma Helen loved miniature things. After she passed away, my mom gave me this miniature typewriter she’d found among my grandmother’s things. It sits on my desk to remind me of her. Also, in looking at it now and turning it over in my hands, I have just realized it is also a pencil sharpener. So there’s that.

It’s the Little Things. This little wooden box sign thingy was a gift from my cousin’s friend. The bright colors bring me joy, and the expression really resonates with me, because I tend to get excited about little things (metaphorically and literally – like my grandmother, I enjoy a good miniature).

What’s on your desk? Introduce me to your deskorations in the comments.

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[Photo Credit: Code Copy Coffee]

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